7 simple steps to Replace Exhaust Heat Shield

Exhaust Heat Shield

Exhaust heat shield is a small piece of metal that functions to deflect heat of exhaust manifold far away from cables and wires. This will prevent the risk of overheating and burning. Excessive use of vehicle will rattle heat shields which result in serious problems. In case of a crack or break you need to replace it immediately. Following article will guide you to carry out this replacement.

Step 1: Disconnect Battery Cable

Disconnecting negative battery cable is a smart decision and should be made before getting inside the engine compartment. Doing this ensures that it will not start on its own as long as you are working on it. Do not put negative cable on metal ground or it will end up completing circuit. You should also know how to refurbish dead car battery.

Step 2: Remove Throttle Body Air Duct

To gain direct access of exhaust heat shield, you will have to remove all other parts that come in its way. It will make your work easy. Now get on top of heat shield and remove throttle body air duct. Air breather also needs to be removed. Once done, put it in a safe place that is free of dust and debris.

Step 3: Unhook Crossover Pipe

To loosen the bolts of heat shield, move away the crossover pipe. It is placed on left side of exhaust manifold. Unhook it and move it out, this will provide you complete access to exhaust heat shield. As a next step, use socket to remove the bolts of heat shield and then finally remove heat shield.

Step 4: Install New Exhaust Heat Shield

After removing old heat shield, it is a perfect time to install new shield. Set 2 on work bench side by side and look for changes between older and newer shields. You will have to make few bends to ensure its proper fitting. If it is done properly, install new bolts so it is tightly secured to engine.

Step 7: Replace Engine Items

As a final step, you need to reconnect crossover pipe. Further, make the replacement of air duct, air breather and throttle body. Reconnect negative terminal and switch on car to completely ensure that heat shield is deflecting heat away from engine compartment’s top. For more engine parts, visit our online auto parts superstore.

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