6 Unique Tips to Keep your Vehicle Interior Clean

Unique Tips to Keep your Vehicle Interior Clean

Most of the times, car owners are only concerned about the appearance and looks of vehicles. They spent money to keep it shiny and new. However, when all attention is paid to car’s exterior, the inside becomes a major turn off for friends, family and everybody else who shares your car.

As dirty cabins give wrong impression, car owners should try their best to keep it clean. To help you in this matter, we have gathered some best tips to keep vehicle neat and clean. These tips are shared by professional luxury limo and are completely reliable.

  1. Do not let people with dirty clothes or muddy boots sit in your car. People often think it is unreasonable to ask them to remove shoes, but it is not. Although mats are good mean of protection but mud is settled onto upholstery. Always clean your clothes and boots before getting in limo and do not hesitate asking others to do same. You can purchase internal accessories of car from online auto parts superstore.
  2. Refrain from eating in car. One should not take edibles inside cabin because crumbs are hard to remove from nooks and crannies. You will need an industrial strength vacuum but the results are still not guaranteed.
  3. Avoid taking liquids and semi-solid fluids inside cabin. Use small sized paper cups instead of open bottles in your car. There are more chances of spillage with bottles than packed cups. Therefore, experts suggest that you should be cautious of all these matters.
  4. Among all fluids, only keep water in car. Water leaves no stain on upholstery but if you spill sticky sweet red fruit juice, there will be many mess and fast stains. You will have to wash it with cleaning compound.
  1. If you are going on a long, drive or have children beside, always keep sick bag. Long hours of journey may get people sick, especially children. There can be vomiting, nausea, and flu for no obvious reason. A receptacle of some sort could save your upholstery and a very unpleasant cleaning job afterwards.
  2. Be careful with the material of upholstery. Experts suggest car owners to choose either leather or faux-leather. These materials are easier to clean and harder to stain. There are different kinds of fabrics available in market but they are not as wipe able as leather. Therefore, always go for leather upholstery.

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