6 Easy Steps to Apply Metal Flake Paint

Metal Flake Paint

With metal flake paint finish your car will have an entirely new and amazing look. It is a great option to customize vehicles and also make it look different among the crowd of hundreds of others. It is an easy ‘do it yourself’ task and can be done at home. Following steps will help you achieve this goal.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Car

Start with washing your car as paint should always be applied on clean exterior body. Paint your vehicle with base color and leave it to dry. Before adding any kind of finish, cars must be properly painted with base color. When flakes are added you will see that cars appearance is completely modified. Be careful with color patterns and only choose those that will look better.

Step 2 – Purchase Metal Flake Finish

Metal flakes are available in all local auto parts stores. You can also ask your mechanic to buy it for you. Do not feel hesitated while asking salesman for his opinion. They often have an advice for you based on their knowledge of different kinds of flakes. Do not go for colors that you are not sure about. Always buy metal flakes from well reputed and trustworthy vendors.

Step 3 – Mix Metal Flakes

Once you are done with purchasing part of metal flakes, next step involves its mixing with base color. You can also add second coat to make it more shiny and bright. Do it carefully as the quantity should not increase. If your want perfect look for your car, go for top level metal flakes. Use of plastic gloves is highly suggested for those who are allergic paints.  For more tips and tricks you can also visit our online auto blog.

Step 4 – Load Air Brush Machine

Now when you have made the mixture of flakes and base color, put it into air brush machine. Start applying thin layer of this paint on overall body.

Step 5 – Apply Second Layer

Let the first coat of mixture dry and wait for second coat. Once it is dried, apply thick layer of second coat with the help of air brush machine. Both of these layers should be even and must have a cool and professional look. Do the job correctly if you really want to have different and better appearance. You can also fix your car dents without ruining paint.

Step 6 – Finish Metal Flake Job

After the completion of second layer, leave it to dry. When dried completely apply sealant on this glittery paint and notice an amazing and shiny look. It is always more visible in sunlight. With this kind of finish, you will amaze onlookers.

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