5 Simple Steps to Install Car Parametric Equalizer

Parametric Car Equalizer

To get high quality response from your car’s audio equipment, you need to have a properly functioning car parametric equalizer. It is an essential device that keeps good control of amplitudes, frequencies and bandwidths.

For music lovers, it is an interesting option to upgrade the audio device of vehicles. It will help drivers in achieving the desirable balance. In easy words, it controls frequency bands so you can get rid of making adjustments of every band separately. If you want to install this device in your car, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Decide the Place for Installation

Before starting, you need to have a clear idea in mind where you want to place this equalizer. Its placement varies according to the desires of car drivers and make and model of vehicle. If you have planned to place it on dashboard, you would also need a customized holder for it. You can purchase different kinds of holders from our online auto parts superstore.

Step 2: Hook Up the Gauge Wire

Once its place is finalized, you should make sure that audio and stereo system of your car is installed fully. After this, with the help of 16-gauge wire hook it up to vehicle’s panel of fuses for better power input. Now start detaching screws around equalizer and position the wire. When it is installed, replace the old screw that was removed before. You should also know how to replace car stereo easily.

 Step 3: Use the Wires

At this stage you have to locate primary unit of stereo’s system so you can take it out along with cover of wire, which is connected directly to stereo’s primary unit. Get another wire, one that is longer, and use it to link parametric equalizer to car’s stereo system. Remove cover of this wire too and tie both of the used wires with thick black tape.

Step 4: Relay the Wires

Now you have to locate the wire that goes from audio unit to parametric equalizer. It turns on power of stereo system and relay it. Tie it down with nearest equipment and slowly fasten RCA cables. Get black tape again to tie up all cables together so there is no risk of them spreading out. At the end, relay all these wires to vehicle’s dashboard and further to equalizer’s creek.

Step 5: Final Touches and Check Up

In the final step you have to put back parametric equalizer with the help of RCA cables. These cables run from different outlets of amplifier directly into equalizer’s creek, Double check to ensure that all wires that have been installed recently are secured. Check the device for proper functioning. If it is all well put dash unit back to its place.

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