5 Essential Car Maintenance Tips from the Experts

Car Maintenance

Are you tired of costly mechanics? Or do you feel that you are replacing your vehicle too often? Do not worry as you are not alone is this situation. Howbeit, AS Auto Parts Blog can help you save money and increase the life of your vehicle. Follow these tips from leading industry experts and you will be saying goodbye to expensive car bills forever:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Both Inside and Outside of Your Vehicle:

Yu should compare the cleanliness of your room with that of your vehicle. Your car’s situation tells how clean or dirty you are. To make your vehicle look new, use bottle of Optimum’s car wash for the outside of your vehicle and Armor All Vacuum for the cabin.

  1. Change Motor Oil Every 5000-7000 Miles

Most experts agree that it is necessary to change motor oil regularly. Many cars will work well with synthetic type of oil such as Mobil 1. You do not have to take your vehicle to automobile shop for oil changing as you can do it easily at home.

In case your vehicle does not have fresh motor oil then dirt will start building up and eventually destroy the engine of your vehicle. It can cost you thousands of dollars. Get motor oil of excellent quality from online auto parts superstore.

  1. Check Tire Pressure Every Month

Number of problems can result from poor braking, instability, less gas mileage and definitely tires so make sure you regularly use gauge to check your vehicle’s tires.

Rotate them after 7500 miles for better performance. If you do no rotate them regularly then they will start to wear out and requires immediate replacement. Get top-notch quality tires from online auto parts supplier only for better performance.

  1. Change Air Filters Every Year or Every 30,000 Miles

It is important to change air filter every year. Dirty air filter will lower your acceleration and make your overall vehicle less efficient. Online auto parts superstore provides air filter of every make and model at reasonable price.

  1. Maintain Your Car’s Interior

Dirty unkempt vehicle will lead to loss of thousands of dollars whenever it comes to re-selling. It means that getting something new will cost you more money.

Dirt damages the vinyl seats and leather dashboard leading to filthy looking car. Cleaning interior of automobile is very easy as you can do it with few simple steps.

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