5 Common Air Suspension Challenges

Air Suspension System

The most important and notable function of compressors is to pump air directly into adjustable bellows. These bellows get inflated with incoming pressure. With this, the chassis raises from axle too. There can be number of problems with air suspension system. These problems often vary from model to model. Some biggest challenges of air suspension system can lead to the failure of car. Learn about these problems and prevent them from happening in your car.

Air-bag Failure

Air bag failure usually takes place because of excessive decay and rust inside car’s air conditioning system. Regular use of AC will cause rubber to dry up. This will eventually become the main reason of suspension parts’ failure. What actually happens is that debris put a lot of pressure because of which the chances of air bag puncturing increases by two folds. Sometimes air bags are not installed in the right way. When this happens they are forced to rub against the frame of car if it happens for long period of time, the results are obvious.

Air-line Failure

Air-line failure is not a very common defect but it happens. The main reason for this kind of failure is the inability of tubing system to carry out its function properly. It takes place when air bags scratch against the chassis of your car. As it does not happen overnight, it is your duty to identify the symptoms on right time. Your car will face also air-line failure if it is driven on rocky and rough roads.

Air fitting Failure

This failure is mostly cause due to low quality fitting of components like valves, solenoids and bags. These components are connected with the help of fittings and serve the purpose of conditioning. You will find these components fixed through air suspension.

Compressor Failure

Malfunctioning of struts will result in the failure of compressor. As it is an important component and controls the buildup of pressure within leaking system. Sometimes electronic components inside air conditioning system come in contact with remains of moisture in air system. When this happens, the entire air conditioning system starts to malfunction. To prevent this from happening, make use of two compressors. A single, high quality compressor will also do the work. You can purchase new compressor from online auto parts superstore.

Dryer Failure

For the removal of moisture from air system, dryers are installed within compressor. As time passes, it loses the ability to perform its functions accurately. If this happens and dryer fails, there will be excessive moisture inside the system and this moisture will further affect air springs.

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