5 Clear Signs of Failing Oxygen Sensor

Signs of Oxygen Sensor Failing

All cars that have been manufactured since 1980 carry oxygen sensors for proper regulation of oxygen flow. This special kind of sensors operates by sending important information to engine management system of car. It helps a great deal in reducing noxious emissions and enhancing the overall efficiency of vehicles.

When this sensor fails to work, the running of car will be less effective and will devour more fuel. Therefore the moment you find problem in this sensor, get it fixed or make its replacement. Online auto parts superstore is the number one automotive store in cyber market. It has top quality car parts and components so you can purchase any car part from here.

The replacement of these sensors is an easy task and you can complete it on your own. Doing this by yourself will save your precious time and money. Oxygen sensor, which is placed inside exhaust pipe, detects the exact ratio of gasoline and air of engine. Its main function is to keep the mixture adjusted. It should not be too rich or too lean to enter in engine otherwise the number of pollutants that leave car will be increased. The wrong mix also harms the environment and cause catalytic converter to stop working. Therefore, a properly functioning oxygen sensor is a must for any kind of vehicle. Some of the common and clear indications of failing oxygen sensor are given below:

  1. Rotten egg odor emitting from the exhaust.
  2. Speedy reduction in fuel economy
  3. Unexpected failure of catalytic converter
  4. Exhaust emissions reach undesirable levels.
  5. Engine starts hesitating or surging

With the availability of right tools, any car owner can diagnose the problem of oxygen sensor. These tools are considered best in determining the working of oxygen sensor.

Three main tools for diagnosing this issue are as follows:

  • Digital voltmeter
  • Propane enrichment devices
  • Oxygen sensor rocket

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