5 Amazing Home Based Tips to Shine Your Exterior Car Parts

Cleaning exterior car parts is an art. Most of the people believe on the service stations for the perfect car wash and they assume it as the last option to shine their vehicle. Such perception is totally wrong and we can tell you simple methods by which you can shine your car just like new one. Amazingly you have to use only common things to implement these methods. Such wonderful tricks are given below which seems stupid but they give 100% results. All of the tips given below are proven by thousands of car owners.

Effect Of Hair Conditioner During Car Wash

Hair conditioner is not only for your hairs, you can also use it to give a wax and shiny look to your car. You should use any hair conditioner for washing your exterior car parts. It will clean all dirt from the body and will give it a shiny look that will definitely attract over lookers.

Use of Cola to Remove Corrosion From Your Exterior Car Part

Corrosion is a very common problem for the vehicle users which can spoil the body of your car. Cola has acid in it which is very effective for the removal of such corrosions on any part of the vehicle. You should drop some cola on the effected part and then rub it with some smooth cloth. It will remove the corrosion at the same time and will give a shiny look to that part.

Should We Use Feminine Maxi Pad To Clean Windshield?

Windshield is one of the most sensitive exterior car accessories. To keep it save from any scratches and make it shine, Best option is to use feminine maxi pad. Place the sticky part around your hand and then rub the pad over the windshield rapidly. It will glow your screen without any scratches.

How Windows Cleaner Can Enhance The Shine Of Vehicle?

Window cleaner is made up of such chemicals that are very powerful to clean any glass, so you can use it to shine your headlamps and tail lights. It will make your light covers crystal clear which will improve the lighting of your vehicle.

How to Wax Your Car Trickily?

Add I cup kerosene oil in 3 gallon water and mix it as much as you can. It will give you an amazing wax, just sponge in this solution and wax your vehicle completely. It will repel rain and give you the perfect shiny look as costly waxes provide for your exterior car parts.

By following above mentioned home based tricks you can give your vehicle a brand new look and can save your vehicle from different problems like corrosion. It will save your money and time and also provides you better results than any service station. You can also use 5 insanely tips to make car more comfortable with common home-based things. It will make your ride better than ever at zero cost.

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