4 Top LED Fog Lights for Car

LED Fog Lights for Car

There are times when you drive and it is impossible to see in front of you even when the high-beams are on. These times are heavy fog, rain or snow falling. Whether your car comes with factory fog lights or none at all, you need best light output. This can be obtained by either placing aftermarket fog lamps right underneath the headlights or replacing your current bulbs. Here is a list of top 4 led Fog light for car:

OPT7 Advanced Glow LED Fog Lights

If your car already has fog lights then you need to upgrade them for more brightness. These LED fog lights for car are made by OPT7. It has two bulbs and you will have an option of choosing from the following sizes. These sizes are 5202, 9006, 19005, H7, H10 and H11. Each bulb has 27 micro LED lights and from there, you can choose between deep blue or cool white color. Best benefit of using LED bulbs is that they last much longer than standard halogens.

OPT7 Cree LED Fog Lights

These are made by same company OPT7 but use a different approach to fight fog. For starters, instead of just removing bulbs, you are actually installing solid housing with different LED bulbs that produce excellent brightness. It will allow you to get 50,000+ hours of running time. Ideally these lights mount right around the grill area.

Bot-link LED Fog Light Bulbs

This light comes with 35 LED fog light bulbs. They are much brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs and you will also notice a significant difference in brightness after installing them. (5000K Vs 3200K)

These bulbs are available in several sizes, ranging from H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H16, 9005, 9006 and PSX24. Lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours is expected for each bulb. These LED fog Lights for car is one of the best fog lights and it costs less than 30 dollars.

AuxBeam Cree Work Light and Fog Light

These AuxBeam LED pod Auxiliary and Fog light produces an amazing amount of light in an instant. It produces 1260-1800 lumens which are more than enough to tackle the heaviest fog. This LED fog light for car has the capacity of withstanding up to 50,000 hours of running time. Furthermore, you will also have full functionality of moving it from one position to another until proper angle is reached.

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