4 Simple Steps to Replace Car Muffler

Car Muffler

Loud noises coming from the bottom of your vehicle indicates that its muffler needs replacement or upgrading. Many people choose to take their vehicle to mechanics when muffler stops working but you can also replace it at home easily. You can do this task and save labor cost with few simple tools and instructions:

  1. Choose Right Muffler

Checking your vehicle manual is the best way to find right muffler for upgrade and replacement. Find out what size muffler your vehicle needs and what parts you will need to attach it to your automobile.

You can shop at online auto parts superstore for muffler, as it is the most reputable online sellers. It is recommended not to install used muffler in your vehicle as it can wear out very quickly.

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle

Move your vehicle into an area where you can move it safely and easily. Keep tools such as jack, wrench, lubricant, hammer, hacksaw, and ratchets in your reach. You might not need all of these tools but having them with you is advisable. Involving another person in this task can help you complete this project safely.

  1. Taking Off Old Muffler

Start by raising your vehicle with jack so that you can have better access to the muffler in back. Having a lift to further support your car will be even safer. Make sure you never place yourself entirely under your vehicle when jack only supports it.

Replace Car Muffler

In case there are hangers in place then remove them before taking off old muffler. Now take lubricant and spray it on bolts of your muffler system to help loosen them.

Take wrench or ratchets and start pulling these bolts off the old muffler. In case you cannot remove the bolts then use hacksaw to saw them off. Once you are done with it, clean off the area around the bolts with rag.

  1. Replace Car Muffler

Now you are ready to install your new muffler by slipping it into its position. Pay special attention to the indications on your new muffler to determine which side is back and which is front. Check whether the pipe connections are as tight as they can possibly be when you are slipping new muffler into position.

Make sure you position the pipes properly before bolting or clamping them into place to reduce rattling. In the end, check bolts are tight and muffler is properly attached to the body of your vehicle. Buy muffler or other components of your vehicle from online auto parts store for better performance.

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