4 Simple Steps to Install Rims Yourself

Simple Steps to Install Car Rims

Rims are known to add value and style to cars. Car owners widely used them just to customize their rides. Online and traditional markets are flooded with various designs and styles of rims. You can purchase them directly from our online auto parts superstore. There are dozens of options when it comes to choosing rims. Always select the one that goes with make and model of your car. The method of installation varies from model to model but you must know the general guidelines of this process. This article will help you in installing rims by yourself. Following list covers some tools that are needed during installation process.

  • Air compressor
  • Hand socket
  • Jack
  • Rag Cloth
  • Tire lever

Follow these steps carefully as they will enable you to complete installation process on your own.

  1. Basic Preparation

Lift the car up with the help of car jack. This will give you complete access to each wheel of car. Select the wheel you want to start with and release its air. It is important because it make the removal of old rim easier.

  1. Remove Old Rim

Get a small sized socket wrench and start removing bolts that hold rims firmly to wheels. Keep all bolts together as they have to be reused with brand new rims. To remove rim from car’s wheels, insert tire lever on its different points. Do not damage or puncture the tube while inserting.

  1. Purchase New Rims

To purchase new rims, you can visit various local auto parts dealers of your town. If they do not have the desired rims, cyber market is always open. You can visit our online auto parts superstore to purchase high quality stylish rims. While choosing, keep the expansion and compression of rims in mind as it affects the size. Majority of people prefer light rims over heavy rims as latter slow down vehicle’s overall performance.

  1. Attach New Rim

Before attaching new rims, clean dust from side tube and tires. If old bolts of rims do not fit, avoid applying pressure. In such case, simply get new ones from market. When you are tightening bolts, do not damage hub centric ring of wheel. After installation, use air compressor and re inflate wheel. Repeat these steps on rest of the three tires. When it’s all done check the alignment of rim and wheel. Take out your car for test drive and keep its speed low as a safety precaution.

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