4 Effective Tips to Protect Car Exteriors

Car Exterior Protection Tips

Keeping car in good shape requires care and effort. In comparison with interior of vehicle, car owners are more concerned about its appearance and look. They want to keep the shine of their cars for as long as possible. For all those who want to amaze onlookers and enjoy envy, proper care of car is highly suggested. Car’s exterior is exposed to open air and dust all the time. Following content covers some highly useful and effective tips for keeping car in excellent condition.

  1. Aim for a Spotless Exterior

The first step towards keeping car in good shape is a regular wash. High pressure of water washes away external debris and dirt. Bird droppings are acidic in nature and are considered biggest enemy of car’s exteriors. These droppings ruin the paint and eventually cause rust. To get rid of them, owners should pre- soak car, spray mild liquid soap and clean it with car wash sponge. Rinse the affected parts for 10 minutes and then let it dry. Doing this will keep the paint intact.

  1. Prevent Vehicle Against Sun Damage

Direct sunlight is extremely dangerous for car’s exterior. It causes oxidation which further leads to premature fading of car’s paint. Therefore parking in garage is strongly recommended. When a car is parked in shaded area, the longevity of paint increases and keeps headlights and trims protected. To keep the glossy look of vehicles, wax protection is highly recommended. Car owners can also use auto paint protection film for ideal protection.

  1. Give Extra Attention to Wheels

Wheels are one of the most important parts of vehicle and their service should never be taken for granted. Because of their direct contact with roads, these auto parts get dirty very quickly. To get rid of dirt and grime, car owners should clean them with an effective cleaning agent. Wheels should be given their due importance because the health of car and safety of passengers strongly depends on them. If you want to replace wheels, online auto parts superstore is the best place for shopping. It has an amazing collection of auto parts and components.

  1. Keep Windows and Windshields Cleaned

Keep windows and windshield cleaned all the time because blocked vision is one of the most common reasons of accidents. You can either purchase commercial cleaning products for this or simply apply the mixture of vinegar or water on wheels. Like front window, side and rear view mirrors are equally important for smooth and safe driving.  As there are numerous other ways of maintaining car’s sheen and glaze, you can use any one of them. It is advisable to follow a weekly maintenance plan, if one aims to make the car look and feel like it’s just been driven out of the showroom.

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