4 Effective Driving Tips during Extreme Weather conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions are very dangerous for driving. One can get trapped in bad weather at any moment and surely get confused between what and what not to do. The best way to avoid any disaster is by not driving in such adverse weather conditions.

Howbeit, there are some emergencies when you do not have option other than driving in these conditions. In such cases, most effective technique is to drive at slow speed. Following are these driving tips for handling such difficult situations:

  1. Beware of Fog

Foggy weather is one of the most dangerous ones of all weather conditions. To get a proper view of the road in these conditions, your car’s wipers and defroster should be working effectively. It is also recommended to turn on low beam headlights and reduce the speed. Rearview mirrors should be checked frequently for keeping an eye on vehicles that are behind you.

  1. Keep a Check on Traction

Wet road surfaces may usually lead tires to hydroplane because of which you can lose control of your vehicle. If you ever feel that your tires have lost traction while driving then it is advisable to take your foot off of the accelerator and let your vehicle slow down.

Howbeit, you should not try to stop your vehicle unless the tires are gripping the road again. Keeping a regular check on your tires and using them with adequate water channeling treads can reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

  1. Do Not Take Hot Weather Lightly

Keeping an eye on warning lights and gauges especially the temperature gauge is necessary when you are driving in hot weather. In case the temperature gauge rises up to the red zone then turn off your vehicle’s air conditioner and turn on the heater to its maximum number. Doing so will help in drawing away the heat from your engine. You should never attempt to remove the radiator cap while your vehicle is hot. It will be best to wait until the engine cools down.

  1. Be Careful With Ice And Snow

It becomes pretty difficult to drive with snow covering roads and streets. And it is extremely hazardous when the snow starts to melt. Therefore, it is better to keep the windshields and windows of your vehicle clear. Moreover, you must avoid taking quick stops or fast turns before going down to steep hill.

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