3 Smart Tips to avoid the Tow

3 Tips to Avoid Tow

Towing service becomes a kind of necessity at some point in road life. It can be in the form of engine failure, an accident, or combination of blown tire. In comparison with other vehicle problems, towing is very common.

It eats up your cash quickly depending upon the nature of towing. As it will happen eventually, you still have the chance to reduce the probability of its occurring. Read the following article carefully and get to know some of the best tips to avoid getting towed.

  1. Avoid Running low on Gas/Petrol

It sounds a fair point but it is hugely overlooked in the daily hectic course of our activities. Most of the times we are too busy to notice the slowly depleting fuel gauge. This should not be done and car owners must make a schedule of fuel refilling.

You should do every three days or you can simple mark a point on fuel gauge beneath which needle should not be allowed to go. Whenever needle gets near to that point, get the tank refilled. If your car consumes a lot of fuel, you should keep extra 5 gallons in garage for emergencies.

  1. Vital Signs

While you wait for your car to get refilled at gas station, do not waste time on using social media or staring at people. It is the best time to look for the signs of trouble. Most of the people do not have interest in car detailing and may not know what exactly they should look for.

There are some basic things that each driver can look out foe, For instance the tread of tires, its pressure, or do they look lower than others do. Best quality tires are available in online auto parts superstore. One other simple check is of debris beneath vehicle. Look out for anything that hangs under side and get it removed.

  1. Helpful Habits

Tuning of car is important and you must do it more often. You should also know the procedure of changing tire because sometimes car get stuck in places that lacks professional help. For those cases, drivers must have these useful skills. Always keep extra tire in vehicle’s trunk along with some important tools, which include lug wrench, hammer, driver or jack stand.

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  1. Sarah Smith says:

    I just got a car and need to get a towing service. Thanks for the advice about how at a gas station you should look for trouble. It would also be smart to get a towing service on hand just in case you need it.

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