3 Quick Steps to Replace Car’s Sill Plate

Replace Car Sill Plate

Sill plates are installed on the exact point where car door meets its frame. It can take on a number of forms. You can find them in simple aluminum sheets or they could be pure diamond plates. They are either dark in color or plainly lighted.

These types of plates are usually added to personalize cars and add to their beauty. Basic function of this plate is to provide protection to frame from water. It often provides traction and is of course used as a customizing product. Though it provides protection but is unprotected itself. So it is the first thing that gets damaged when car hits puddle. This will erode the sill plate and you will have to make a replacement. You can visit our online auto parts superstore for amazing variety of customizing products. Read the following article in order to do perform this task all by yourself.

Step 1 – Determine the Size

The first step for sill plate replacement is to ensure that you get a same sized substitute. To determine size, open up the door and run your hand parallel to car seat as is it located on bottom, near the opening of door. Get measuring tape to determine correct length and width of sill plate. Make accurate measurements. Width should be measured from one end of crease to further crease down. You must make separate measurements of both doors as they differ in size sometimes. Once done, take these measurements to nearest local car parts dealer along with right specifications of your make and model. He will help you select the best sill plate for your car.

Step 2 – Remove Sill Plate

Sill plates are made up of pure metal and have sharp edges so do not forget to wear gloves. It can be taken off easily by holding both of its ends and lifting it up. If it does not work make use of metal putty knife. Wedge it between car and sill plate and apply leverage so it pops up quickly out from grove. In some cars, it is screwed tightly and you will have to first remove those screws to take it out.

Step 3 – Replace Sill Plate

Now when you have taken out the rusty sill plate, final step here is install new one. It is a very simple step and you will just have to line new plate in vacant groove. Start doing it from one end and keep pressing until it snaps. Now do down the whole length and repeat same process on other side too.

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