3 Quick Steps to Install Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

Adding cold air intake in your vehicle is a simple and easy task. It requires less effort and time. Addition of this component is beneficial as it increases vehicle mileage and horsepower. Its main function is to forward cool air to other engine components and prevent the flow of warm air. You do not need any professional support for this, just gather some tools and follow the given steps in order. Some of the must-have tools for this process are mentioned below:

  • Flashlight
  • Hose Clamps
  • New Air Intake
  • Bit Driver and Bits
  • Air filter
  1. Get Ready For Installation

After gathering above mentioned tools, keep them close in your working space. Before starting let engine cool down if it is hot. When it is done, unplug battery from its terminals. First from negative terminal which is black and then from positive terminal which is red. Always keep this precautionary measure in mind as it saves you from severe damages.

  1. Remove Stock Air Intake

There are three other components that need to be removed before stock air intake removal. Start with taking out air sensors. These sensors provide information to the computer of vehicles. These sensors are sensitive and must be handled with care. Then go for old air filter and remove its plastic filter housing. If you want to purchase air intake filter, you can visit our online auto parts superstore. The next step demands the removal of small tubes that run from housing box to the opening of engine compartment.

Those tubes which are attached to hose clamps are made up of round metal rings. In order to loosen metal rings, turn them on the end. Do not throw away old stock intake until you are sure that new air intake works properly.

  1. Install New Cold Air Intake

To attach new intake, you may have to go beneath the vehicle. Here you will also have to replace sensors that were previously removed. Put them in new air intake and do it carefully. After the installation of air intake, it’s time to install new air filter. Plug in battery in reverse terminal order and your car is good to go.

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