3 Most Important Summer Car Checks

Summer Car Check Tips

As a result of this rapidly advancing world, we have got smart cars on roads now. These cars send us dashboard notifications and remind drivers about the time of oil changing, tires rotation or engine checking. However there are still few things that we have to be mindful of on our own. One such thing involves pre and post season inspection of vehicles. Now when temperature is rising each day and sunlight is scorching, we have made a checklist for car drivers. It will enable them to prepare their cars for burning summer heat.

  1. Check Air Conditioner

In this hot temperature, every driver wants his car to stay cool. To ensure this, always check your car before making long road trip plans or even taking it out for a short drive. If air conditioner is switched on and yet the car is not cool enough, this means it needs more refrigerant. Almost all local auto parts dealers carry refrigerant and help drivers in determining whether to replenish supply on their own or not. If you want to prevent your cooling system from working excessively, replace air filter on regular basis. This improves air quality of vehicle and enhances overall efficiency of air conditioning system. To get affordable air filters, visit our online auto parts superstore.

  1. Test Battery

Each day rise in temperature can take toll on vehicles battery. If it happens you will face serious problems in the middle of road. Therefore it is important to get battery checked by nearest auto parts dealer. Mechanics usually do not charge for it and even if some do, cost is extremely affordable.

  1. Pay Attention to Tires

One of the common problems that take place in rising temperature is fluctuation of tire pressure. It happens overnight and causes serious fuel problems. When the pressure of tires is higher or lower than recommended measurements, car becomes less fuel efficient. In serious cases, all of the tires wear unevenly resulting in immediate replacement. If it happens, continuous rotation and balancing improves the efficiency and handling of vehicle’s fuel. In case wheels are severely damaged, you can purchase new ones from our online auto parts superstore.

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