3 Major Signs of Fuel Filter Failure

Fuel Filter

Whenever you have to face problem with your vehicle, you probably know that finding the cause of that problem is half the battle. Actually, it can sometimes feel like more than half a battle especially when you have to visit local mechanic for long period of time, attempting to figure out exactly what is going on.

There are certainly some mysteries better left to professionals. But you will be surprised to know that many common problems you might be experiencing with your vehicle have to do with fuel filter. This car part is likely a cause of many different problems.

Fuel filter is a cartridge that is responsible for acting as a shield for fuel in your vehicle. It removes all dirt and debris in petrol before it gets into an engine and causes any danger.

Major Signs of Fuel Filter Problems:

Unfortunately, these filters have quite a short life span. After it, they become soiled or clogged which makes them unable to perform functions they were performing before.

This can cause quite uproar under your bonnet. If dirt and debris enters into the filter, it can cause many dangerous problems for your engine. Following are these 3 signs of fuel filter problem:

  1. Problem in Starting Vehicle

Whenever you have problem in starting your vehicle, your fuel filter is not the first thing you will check. There are several other car parts that could be malfunctioning and should be addressed before you even think about fuel filter. These can be starter, battery or alternator. The truth is, filter should be one of the first car parts you look for.Whatever the problem is with your car parts, you can get new or replaced ones from Online Auto Parts superstore.

When fuel filter becomes clogged, it will not allow fuel to move past it into the engine. Your engine cannot start without fuel and this will prevent your car from running until fuel is able to be supplied to engine again.

  1. Strange Problems At Low Speeds

Soiled filters cause cars to act in many strange ways. Many vehicles for instance will drive fine on highway with dirty filter but once you reach town, it’s an entirely different story. There will be hesitation when you are driving at low speeds and your vehicle starts stuttering.

Many people think that other car parts are a cause of this problem but the filter is really the one behind these issues. Fuel filter flow pressure is affected by dirty filter because of which fuel pump will not be able to push as hard to make up for it at lower speeds.

  1. Stalling

One of the scariest things you can experiencewhile driving down the road is when your car stops working. This can lead to loss of control which is very dangerous. Stalling caused by clogged fuel filter iswhen it is not able to pass fuel into the engine.

When this happens, engine cannot maintain its performance and shuts down. Severity of this issue depends on what kind of debris is stuck in fuel filter and how much pressure fuel pump is able to exert to get the fuel through.

Fuel Filter is an essential element of any internal combustion engine system. Make sure you give the issues related to this system more importance. Like any aspect of vehicle operation, understanding the different causes of its failure can help you avoid bad situations with failing vehicle.

As you now know how important the working of fuel pump is for your vehicle so make sure you do not avoid it. Whenever you are in need of new fuel filter or any other components of your vehicle, visit online Auto Parts superstore to get the best product at lowest price.

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