3 Important Factors that Affect Oil Change Intervals

Factors that Affects Oil Change Intervals

In comparison with old models, motor cars of today’s age are better, stronger durable, highly charged and cleaner. These cars are manufactured with several systems and features that make them better than those of yesteryear.

Because of these advancements, car experts believe that changing car oil after every 3000 miles is not a compulsion. Some of them can smoothly travel up to 5000 miles depending upon their makes and models. Vehicle owner’s manual now reflect consensus with increased and long interval of oil change. However there are some exceptions that might actually affect ten recommendations of manufacturers. Some of them are shared below.

  • Hard Driving

The driving style of owner has huge role in determining the mileage of car. If drivers use their vehicles for pulling heavy loads or towing trailers, more stress will be put on engine. Increased stress cause engine to operate at high temperature and ruins lubricating ability of motor oil. When it happens car will be switched more often. Other than towing heavy roads, un-paved roads and sharp bumps will also heat up engine.

  • Environment

It is pretty obvious that warmer it is outside, the hotter the engine will be. If you live in that region of country which faces year round warm weather, the frequency of oil change interval will be less. It will stay so even if you are driving rash. For those environments which are more polluted and experience frequent dust storms, the chance of fluid contamination in vehicles is more. In easier words, motor oil will be polluted quickly and you will have to replace it. Those car owners which reside in polluted cities must visit service station after completion of every 3000 miles.

  • Short Commutes

Most of the drivers are unaware of the fact that short commutes affect engine more than ones of longer routes. This is because in short trips, motors do not get the time of reaching optimal operating temperature. In this case, the extra fluid gets spilled into crankcase and dilutes motor oil. However, this excess fluid is actually needed because cold engines are more in need of gas than hotter and warmer ones. Best quality crankcase is available in online auto parts superstore. One other harming factor is that split fluid breaks down all lubricating chemicals in viscous liquid which is dangerous.

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