3 Essential Automotive Fluids for Cars

3 Essential Fluids for Cars

All kinds of vehicles need fluids to ensure the safety of its passengers and increased life span. These automotive fluids are available in local auto stores, urban garages or even online. They have affordable prices, ranging from $4 to $15, depending upon the retailer or brand of product. Since these fluids are easy to find, economical and effective, every car owners should purchase them.

There is a specific replacement time for each of the following fluids. To learn the exact schedule, car owners consult vehicle’s factory maintenance schedule. Some of these fluids should be replaced under the care of licensed auto technician, so when time comes one should take his car to garage that has affordable rates and provide superior quality service. This article covers 3 main automotive fluids that cars need to stay operational.

  • Motor Oil

Engine oil is one the most important and significant fluids that cars and truck need for smooth working. It reduces friction by lubricating different parts of vehicle’s engine crankcase. In case of irregular lubrication periods, auto parts like valves and pistons will be subjected to severe damage and cause in efficient working of motor. Complete variety of engine components is available in our online auto parts superstore.
Oil schedule vary for each make and model. To obtain correct information, car owners should take help of reliable auto technician or check car’s factory scheduled maintenance. For most vehicles, it should be changed after every 5000 miles.

  • Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid, which lubricates inner parts of car’s transmission, is red in color. Its function is similar to motor oil. It has a significant role in keeping car’s gear in stable condition and further allows functionality and easy gear changes, generally, transmission fluid should be changed once in a year but again, it varies from car to car.

  • Brake Fluid

When it comes to safety of passenger’s safety, brake fluid tops the list. It is important because this oil allows hydraulic functioning of vehicle’s brakes.
When brake pedal is pushed down it causes compression of brake fluid and sends hydraulic force to shoes and pads so that friction is created to stop the car. Usually, brake fluid should be replaced when a car covers 30,000 miles or approximately after every 2 years. For more details and right time, check out the instructions in owner’s manual.

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