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How to Protect Auto body Parts for better Value Long Time

Auto Body Parts

For some people, cars are the most important asset. They make a fair investment hoping for a better return. But sadly, this kind of investment depreciates quickly. It happens faster when owners do not take proper care of their vehicles. Following tips will guide you to protect the resale value of the car.

Important parts of suspension system

Suspension system parts are quite necessary to keep your driving smooth. You will feel uncomfortable if you have a terrible car suspension system and suddenly a big speed breaker comes in your way that you have to cross. But, if you install all powerful suspension parts, then you don’t need to worry about any bumps or other problems and can drive with ease.

Why You Should Pick Winter Tires?

Do I need winter tires?

Now a day’s every car that people purchase comes with All-Season wheels. In fact the truth is all-Season tires are a far more popular option than winter and summer tires. In many countries, these tires are an excellent solution for individual. All Season tires are specially made for every season. But my question is if there are all season tires, then why we need winter tires? Is there any effect of all sesaon tires on the performance of wheels.

What is the Approximate Side Mirror Replacement Cost?

Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Side mirror is one of those car components that are vulnerable to all kinds of damages. Drivers are usually careless while parking cars or sometimes get too close to other parked vehicles. This often breaks side mirror. It also breaks when the car smashed into other speeding vehicles. Broken side mirror is very dangerous and must be replaced immediately. Side mirror replacement cost usually varies from car to car. There are different kinds of auto glass that are used in different vehicles. If you have met some accident and are looking for side mirror replacement, we suggest you to consult your personal auto technician.

How Does the Power Mirror Switch Work?

Power Mirror Switch Works

There can be several reasons of a dysfunctional power mirror switch. It’s most common cause is a bad power window's motor. Other reasons include faulty switch, worn out regulator or the cable can be off of one of the pulleys. Considering the excessive use of power windows these switches burn out rapidly. According to a recent survey, majority of auto technicians have accepted that they fix hundreds of power mirror each year. These windows are now available in all latest makes and models and are operated through special switches. Let’s learn more about the working of these switches below.