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How to Clean a Motor Oil Spill

How to Clean Vehicle Oil Spills

Some things like oil spilling happen no matter how much prevented. You must have experienced it while changing your car’s oil or refilling lawn mower. Cleaning spilled oil is very important as a single quart of car oil pollutes around twenty-five thousands gallons of clean, pure drinking water.

7 Smart Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

7 Smart Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Safety should be the biggest concern of drivers all around the globe. As the number of accidents is rising every day, drivers need to learn the basics of safe driving. Recent study has found that increasing number of accidents is mainly because of negligence driver’s negligence.

4 Common Power Steering Problems Explained

Vehicle Power Steering Problems Explained

Power steering has an important role to play in directing the vehicle. If it gets unstable, drivers lose the control of ride and its handling becomes really difficult. This auto part makes use of hydraulic system which is beneficial for drivers as it takes off power steering strain of driver.

4 Most Common Types of Auto Repair

4 Common Types of Auto Repair

The decision of purchasing a car comes with the responsibility of its maintenance. As there are hundreds of small components in a car, the chances of fixes and repairs are more. There are some problems that are huge and severe, while there are others that are very common.

8 Free Tips to Burn less Fuel When Driving

8 Tips Help you Burn Less Fuel while Driving

Does your car consume lots of oil? Are you sick of refilling repeatedly? If so, do not make an immature decision of shifting to an old and small car. Several tricks and tips reduce the consumption of oil. Following content will help you in achieving the goal of less fuel consumption.

Why do Cars Need Oil Change?

Why do Cars need Oil Change

Car maintenance is important and the cheapest and inexpensive way of doing it is to get car’s oil change. It is often considered unimportant by majority of fellows but has an essential role in the well being of engine. This kind of servicing will save your money of bigger repairs in the long run.

How to Improve Car’s Performance?

Improve your Car Performance

People usually have distinctive notions for good cars, which mean for each person there is a different meaning of performance. For some, it is minimized breakdowns while for other it is good speed. There are also some people who feel that it is all about comfort.

Smart Selection of Colors for Cars and Mag Wheels

Smart Selection of Colors for Cars and Mag Wheels

Car enthusiasts are always in mood of making changes in their cars. They love huge designs, grand styling and want to make a statement about their car. If you are one such adventurous car enthusiast then you’d definitely love car modifications.

4 Common Transmission Problems of Vehicle in Cities

4 Common Transmission Problems of Vehicles in Cities

City life is pretty hard on vehicles. Constant starting and stopping can put a lot of stress on car’s transmission which causes serious consequences and also cost thousands of dollars. In case you notice problems when you are shifting gears then it is time to take your vehicle to a mechanic. Following are these transmission problems:

How to Repair and Replace Windshield

Repair and Replace Car Windshield

When accidents take place, windshield is the first auto part to get damaged. It is delicate and equally important like other components including seat belts and air bags. Basically windshield is installed to provide protection and support to passenger’s cabin of car.