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2 Important Modifications That Increase Insurance Cost

Increase in Vehicle Insurance

If you own a personal car and are passionate about it, you must always be looking for ways to customize it in one way or other. Sometime car owners want a technical customization that gives them a better driving experience and in other cases, they just want to add to the external beauty of vehicle.

4 Top Maintenance Tips for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Smart Selection of Colors for Cars and Mag Wheels

One of the biggest attractions of electric car is its less demand of maintenance. While on the other hand hybrid car, which is a combination of regular engine and electric motor needs frequent maintenance. You should be completely aware of maintenance level of each car before paying its huge price. Read following article to increase your knowledge.

6 Easy Steps to Install Oil Pressure Sending Unit

Oil Pressure Sending Unit

Oil pressure sending unit is an important component as it helps drivers to know the exact amount of oil pressure that builds up inside engine. Low pressure oil indicates that something inside engine block is not right and overall functioning will be affected. If it happens, you may need to have replacement of oil pressure sending unit. You can also install a brand new system in your vehicle. Its installation is simple but you may have to remove different engine parts to gain more room. Following article will help you in its installation.

How to Install Portable Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Portable Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Portable hand controls help existing components to adapt to an easier use for disabled drivers. If you are well aware of installation of these hand controls, you can easily ensure that they are fitted properly and safely.

5 Steps to Repair Oxidized Cloudy Headlights

Oxidized Clouds Removal from Headlights

Oxidation is directly proportional reduction in vehicle’s performance. The minute it starts, you will witness malfunctioning and increased glare in headlights. It is the result of headlight’s constant exposure to salt and sunlight. If your car is subjected to this condition on regular basis, it will become prone to oxidation which leads to several problems. After some time you’ll notice that there is no transparency in lenses and they have become opaque. There are numerous ways to fix this problem but each comes with its own complication but this article is simple and easy along with guarantee that there will be no complications. Follow these steps and easily clear an oxidized headlight lens.

Latest Range Rover Evoque Facelift Brings New Ember Limited Edition

Range Rover Ember Edition Facelift Front

Land Rover is celebrating the sale of over 520,000 units of Range Rover Evoque by introducing the facelift of this popular vehicle. Model still looks fresh even after five years and the automakers are focusing on upgrading the technologies in the vehicle.

Spyker SUV with Electric Power and V12 is planned for 2017

Spyker V12 2017 SUV

Spyker just unveiled its first new sports vehicle, C8 Preliator, at Geneva Motor Show in March. But Victor Mulley, CEO of Spyker already has his sights set on next model. He stated his intention in an interview that he wants to make V12- powered model, in addition to an all-electric SUV by 2017.

Third-Generation Lexus IS Teased Before Beijing Auto Show

3rd Gen Lexus IS Front

Third-generation Lexus IS was introduced in 2013 and this year, it is going to receive its first revision. This change will bring upgraded headlights and new look for front bumper. Spindle grille is still huge and is surrounded by chrome trim just like the one available on outgoing version of this model.

Fiat 500 Pepsi Theme Car: A Unique Design by Garage Italia Customs

Fiat 500 Pepsi Theme Car

Garage Italia Customs has given a car with Pepsi theme for Milan Design Week 2016. It is known as ‘Fiat 500 Pepsi’ Car. You can clearly see in the below images that the vehicle wears Pepsi’s white, blue and red colors both inside and out. Although the model is bit too flashy but we are certain than some of the people of younger generation will like the street art applied on this Italian model.

Peugeot Unveils New I-Cockpit with Digital Instrument Cluster

2017 Peugeot 3008

It was several days ago when the images of Peugeot’s brand new dashboard layout was all over the internet and now the French have given all the other details about it. I-Cockpit which is in its second generation has futuristic appearance and it swaps the analog dials of instrument cluster for digital 12.3-inch screen that is fully customizable. You can see it yourself here.  This new cockpit has the same size as Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and will be available on all models of Peugeot.