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4 Simple Steps Tighten Brake Fittings

Tighten Brake Fittings

For an efficient and high performing braking system, brake fittings should be tight. If you are tightening these fittings in your car, check all those components that combine to make brake system. Start with removing debris, grease, and dirt, as they are harmful for car parts. Do not let brake pads encounter engine oil and grease. Before starting, you need to gather following tools in working area.

How to Install Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Original Replacement Auto Parts

Brake lines have significant role in car breaking performance. When brake fluid gets hot it puts extensive pressure on normal brake lines, Due to this, brake lines start bulging and make car brakes soft. In order to prevent this dangerous situation, many car enthusiasts and communities of street racing have started making changes in brake lines. Most of them now use stainless steel brake lines and increase the level of vehicle’s safety. Average installation cost of stainless steel brake lines ranges from $1000 to $2000. You can save this cost by installing these brake lines all by yourself. Gather these tools and follow the given instructions to get the work done.

How to Install Aftermarket Headlights Yourself

Aftermarket Headlights

Headlights are important components of vehicle and must be in working order always. They help drivers get through rainy and foggy weathers. They are also beneficial for drivers while driving late night. Headlights are available in attractive designs and shapes. To customize your car, they are best to start from. This article will help you in the process of aftermarket installation of headlights. It covers step wise procedure and mention complete list of tools that are needed. Read the following content and get the work done.

8 Easy Steps to Make Custom Brake Lines

Custom Brake Lines

For old cars, you have to make custom brake lines because original size is no longer available in market. To do so, you should use original brake line as measuring guide. With its help and following instructions, you can make your own custom brake line. Before starting, gather following tools and keep them close in your workspace.

4 Simple Steps to Install Rims Yourself

Simple Steps to Install Car Rims

Rims are known to add value and style to cars. Car owners widely used them just to customize their rides. Online and traditional markets are flooded with various designs and styles of rims. You can purchase them directly from our online auto parts superstore. There are dozens of options when it comes to choosing rims. Always select the one that goes with make and model of your car. The method of installation varies from model to model but you must know the general guidelines of this process. This article will help you in installing rims by yourself. Following list covers some tools that are needed during installation process.

3 Most Important Summer Car Checks

Summer Car Check Tips

As a result of this rapidly advancing world, we have got smart cars on roads now. These cars send us dashboard notifications and remind drivers about the time of oil changing, tires rotation or engine checking. However there are still few things that we have to be mindful of on our own. One such thing involves pre and post season inspection of vehicles. Now when temperature is rising each day and sunlight is scorching, we have made a checklist for car drivers. It will enable them to prepare their cars for burning summer heat.

New Spy Shots of Audi TT-RS Have Been Released

Audi TT-RS 2017 Spied

Brand new spy shots of Audi’s upcoming model, TT-RS have been released. Although this model received, a refresh few years ago but automakers are already working hard to develop 2017 version of Audi TT-RS.

3 Quick Steps to Install Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

Adding cold air intake in your vehicle is a simple and easy task. It requires less effort and time. Addition of this component is beneficial as it increases vehicle mileage and horsepower. Its main function is to forward cool air to other engine components and prevent the flow of warm air. You do not need any professional support for this, just gather some tools and follow the given steps in order. Some of the must-have tools for this process are mentioned below:

What to Do When Car Skids On Snowy Road?

Improve your Car Performance

Watch out for car skidding while driving on snowy and icy roads. Skidding has become a very common problem on roads whose surface is not smooth and firm. It is troublesome because tires fail to gain traction on snowy surfaces. Drivers lose control of car which results in serious accidents. Key tips for dealing with car when it skids involve staying calm and applying techniques wisely. Right techniques will prevent accidents and other expected road problems.

5 Best Tips to Sell Car Online

Tips for Selling your car Online

The market of used cars has grown hugely over the years. A large number of car owners want to sell their old cars in order to make space for better, newer and faster cars in their garages. As the number of sellers increase, the market of old car buyers also increases. With the help of technology, you can now also sell cars online. It is seen that consumers can get huge returns if they sell used cars through online portals. It has made the process easier, quicker and timeless. In the following article, there are some tips which will guide you how to get maximum value on selling a used car. With these tips, sellers will get top dollar on their mega investments.