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6 Amazing Tips to Ensure Child Seat Safety

Child Seat Safety

According to different statistics a large number of infant car seats are fixed improperly which further lead to safety problems for kids. There are many ways to identify whether it is installed rightly or not. Get professional advice for this or simply do it yourself. Following tips will help you know the safety level of child seat.

How to Easily Install Transmission Drain Plug

Transmission Drain Plug

Installation of transmission drain plug is given priority when a specialty vehicle is built. It is also considered necessary at times of vehicle restorations while utilizing rebuilt parts. Rebuilding task often gets hectic as it includes installation and fabrication of different parts.

6 Common Signs of Faulty Tie Rod Ends

Faulty Tie Rod Ends

Long term use and excessive wear and tear affect performance of different car parts. There are many such components, including tie rod ends, which start declining with the passage of time. You can’t stop their natural death but identifying their weakness at early stages will save your car and money. The following points are the most common signs of faulty tie rod ends.

How to Replace Orifice Tube of Car?

Orifice Tube Replacement

Orifice tube, commonly known as expansion tube, is an essential part of air conditioning system. It is housed in between evaporator and condenser and has one side smaller in size so it can easily supply pressure to required areas.

7 Magical Tips to Remove Wax Stains from Car Interior

Remove Wax Stains

To get stain out of clothes, utensils or cars is a difficult thing. If interior of your car has some stains, removing them is a little tricky. One factor that strongly contributes to its removal is the type of your car’s interior. It can either be leathery or made of fabric.

7 Safety Tips to Deal with Road Rage

7 Safety Measures to Avoid Road Rage

Road rage is a serious issue which results in severe accidents. Because of over-crowded roads and fast paced world, car drivers are always in hurry. Safety is an important concern and should be given priority. As we have told you about truck drivers safety now we would like to share simple tips that every motorist can adopt to remain safe on the road.

Mercedes E Class Convertible Spied For the Very First Time

Mercedes E Class Convertible Front

Mercedes E Class Cabriolet has been spied for the very first time while undergoing testing. This vehicle will be unveiled sometime next year. Prototype of this model was heavily camouflaged when spy photographers of AS Auto Parts Blog captured it.

Volkswagen Polo: First Crossover of Company Could Arrive in 2018

Volkswagen Polo Crossover

Volkswagen has been pretty late to embrace the craze of crossovers. But now the wait is over because brand has finally taken notice now as spy photographers of AS Auto Parts Blog have captured the first images of upcoming Polo-based crossover.

Spectacular Facelift of BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Spotted in California

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

BMW is all set to unveil the facelift of 3 Series Gran Turismo this summer. Test mule of this model was spotted few days ago in Southern California with little camouflage. Entire rear-end and front fascia was covered with swirly tape covers, hiding some of the facelift details from the prying eyes.

All-New Ford Everest to Be Built in South Africa

SUV Parts & Accessories

Ford is going to invest $170 million dollars in brand’s Silverton Assembly Plant that is in Pretoria, South Africa to make the Everest in country.