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6 Easy Steps to Apply Metal Flake Paint

Metal Flake Paint

With metal flake paint finish your car will have an entirely new and amazing look. It is a great option to customize vehicles and also make it look different among the crowd of hundreds of others. It is an easy ‘do it yourself’ task and can be done at home. Following steps will help you achieve this goal.

7 simple steps to Replace Exhaust Heat Shield

Exhaust Heat Shield

Exhaust heat shield is a small piece of metal that functions to deflect heat of exhaust manifold far away from cables and wires. This will prevent the risk of overheating and burning. Excessive use of vehicle will rattle heat shields which result in serious problems. In case of a crack or break you need to replace it immediately. Following article will guide you to carry out this replacement.

How to Quickly Replace Kick Plates of Car

Car Kick Plates Replacement

Kick plates are best use to protect lower portion of car door from small bumps and severe scratches. Like any other car part or component, these plates get damaged after limited use. If they are worn out, there is an immediate need of replacement. Following steps give complete and detailed instructions on replacement of kick plates.

How to Quickly Repair Flat Tubeless Tire

Tubeless Flat Tire

Flat tires of vehicles, mostly tubeless tires, are responsible for hundreds of problems. Such tires do not make use of internal tubes to keep air in but air is held inside tires and come with an airtight steel body.

How to install seat belt extender easily?

Seat Belt Extender

Seat belt extender is an excellent innovation that gives passengers the relief to secure something that is bigger in size and can’t be held by standard seat belt of your car. It is also used if original seat belt is way too tight. Installation of this accessory is not as difficult as it may seem.

5 Simple Steps to Install Car Parametric Equalizer

Parametric Car Equalizer

To get high quality response from your car’s audio equipment, you need to have a properly functioning car parametric equalizer. It is an essential device that keeps good control of amplitudes, frequencies and bandwidths.

Mercedes E-Class Estate Spied With Least Camouflage

Mercedes E-Class Estate Front

We are likely few weeks away from the official introduction of Mercedes E-Class Estate if little amount of camouflage on this model is to be believed. It is not like the disguise on the rear end of Estate’s prototype is hiding something which we have not seen before. Designers of Mercedes did only few subtle changes to make this model different from its other wagon.

How to Install Power Steering Hose

Power Steering Hose on Engine Bay

Steering wheel has a powerhouse at the back end which helps function it well. This powerhouse is a power steering hose, which contains steering fluid. This fluid permits the smooth movement of steering wheel and makes it turn easily.

2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Spied Very First Time

Alfa Stelvio Concept

Product of Alfa Romeo is kicking into high gear as our spy photographers have captured the first images of company’s crossover called Stelvio which was wearing a production body.

3 Quick Steps to Replace Car’s Sill Plate

Replace Car Sill Plate

Sill plates are installed on the exact point where car door meets its frame. It can take on a number of forms. You can find them in simple aluminum sheets or they could be pure diamond plates. They are either dark in color or plainly lighted.