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4 Most Important Points to Consider While Buying Car Rims

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Car rims come in wide variety of sizes, styles and designs. They help to improve wheel’s look and design as well as protect your vehicle from uneven road surfaces. These metal cylinders are best to described as outer perimeter of your car’s wheel.

6 Most Difficult Cars to Drive for Beginners

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It is exciting to get your driver’s license. Best part is when you dream about your ideal first car. But not all vehicles are smart to being your first cars. Some of them are just not for beginners or for over-excited people with very little road experience. Here are 6 cars which we think are not for new drivers:

Top 3 Cars of Chicago Auto Show

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Chicago Auto Show is where automotive industry rolls out new automobiles that were not quite ready for January’s Detroit Auto Show or SUVs that would have gotten lost in noise of bigger event.

2017 Jeep Renegade with All-New Turbo Engine

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It looks like Jeep will be taking things one step further with 2017 Jeep Renegade as they are going to offer new powerful turbo engine under the hood whenever this model will arrive. Jeep is also working to give Renegade an upgrade for next year. You will be happy to know this new engine will be available at online auto parts superstore right after the launch of model.

How to Check Car Antifreeze Levels and Leaks

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Car antifreeze, also known as coolant is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s engine from freezing in winter and overheating in summer. Keeping your car loaded up with right stuff is also an important part of winter driving safety.

3 Most Important Car Parts That Saves Life

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Car accidents are one of the risks that every motorist faces when they get behind the wheel. They can happen to anyone even you at any time and majority of the time the reason is impaired driving. Statistics show that about 45% of road accidents are because of drugs or alcohol. Driver error is also one of main causes of accidents as 25% to 33% of accidents occur because drivers fail to look both ways before entering traffic.

How to Easily Replace Shackles

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Leaf springs are an integral part of your car’s suspension and steering system. This combination of various straight metal leaves supports the weight of your car and cushions the ride. Leaf spring shackle secures each end of assembly in its place by connecting leaf spring to vehicle frame while allowing your car to turn. Online auto parts superstore provides all different parts of suspension system.

2017 Nissan Armada Leaks Out Early

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The first official image of 2017 Nissan Armada has leaked on internet before its proper reveal in near future. It is easy to notice that there is nothing more than Nissan Patrol for USA and it also shares the same platform with Infiniti QX80. As a matter of fact, this new model is expected to take most of the interior trim from the two as well.

3 Important Tips for Driving on Black Ice

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Black ice, one the greatest driving hazards of winter season can make the road a dangerous place. Thin coating of transparent ice that compromises traction for even the most capable automobiles is very hard to spot in late winters.

Great Lakes Truck Show Will Kick off 24th June 2016

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Great Lakes Truck Show is a 3 day event that will start on 24th June 2016 and will be opened for public till 26th June 2016. This show displays various truck based products and services. Cabela is hosting this annual auto show for 2016. It features local trucks along with ones from nearby states like Ohio and Indiana.