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4 Common Signs of Shock and Struts Failure

shocks and struts failure - AS auto parts

Shocks and struts are part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They help in keeping tires and wheels of your car in contact with ground for greater stability. These car parts also ensure that you and other occupants can ride smoothly.

Best cars revealing at Geneva Motor Show 2016

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Geneva Motor Show is taking place on 1st March. AS Auto Parts Blog will be there to bring you latest pictures, news and analysis of what is generally one of the most important motoring events of this year. Visitor days are from 3rd until 13th March 2016 in Palexpo Geneva. Event timing is:

3 Most Common Causes of Tire Problems

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Uneven tire wear is an expensive problem for car owners. This is the only reason people prematurely replaces tire on their truck or car. Uneven tire can be caused by factors such as incorrect inflation, worn out struts, alignment issues or vehicle overloading.

2017 Audi Q5 with New Grille and LED Headlights

audi q5 - AS auto parts

Teasing game continues as 2017 Audi Q5 has been spied wearing less camouflage this time. This mid-size crossover will follow in the steps of Q7 and adopt controversial front fascia with slender LED headlights and upright grille.

How to Easily Repair an Air Intake Hose?

air intake hose repair - AS auto parts

If you are looking to increase your gas mileage then you need to check your car’s air intake systems and fuel injection system for possible problems. Many parts inside your car’s engine, including several hoses and belts wear out and even crack with the passage of time. It means you could be allowing dirt to clog up your vehicle’s engine.

5 Simple Tips for Your Truck Wash

Pickup Truck Washing

Every time you wash your truck, make sure you detail it to keep it looking great for long time. Proper detail includes cleaning of interior, tires, and wheels. Applying a coat of polish or wax also helps in increasing shine of your truck. Following are these 5 detail tips and tricks for your truck:

Five Best Cars for Teen Drivers

5 Best Cars for Teenagers

When your teenager gets behind the wheel for the very first time, parents may feel like having mini-heart attack. You are not alone. Many parents worry about their teen children whenever they start driving. These new drivers are not as experienced as adults and try to take unnecessary risks. Therefore choosing the right first car is very important to help ensure your teen’s safety.

5 Basic Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

truck driver safety - AS auto parts

Hopping into truck and cruising open road sounds pretty simple and amazing to some people. But in reality, some jobs require more caution and expertise. Luckily, we have some easy-to-follow driving tips to help increasing your safety and make your journey more enjoyable.

How to Prepare Jeep Wrangler for Off-Roading?

jeep wrangler off road - AS auto parts

Some drivers buy Jeep Wrangler for its sporty, classic look and fun of cruising down country roads. Other want to use this vehicle for what it is truly made for which is off-roading.

How To Remove Chrome Door Handles Safely?

chrome door handle replacement - AS auto parts

Chrome door handles are an inexpensive, cosmetic cover for standard black plastic that comes with truck or car directly out of factory. When these chrome covers are new, they add shine and sophistication that simple, flat door handles cannot offer.