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Four Most Noticeable Features of Detroit Auto Show

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The 2016 North American International Auto Show also known as Detroit Auto Show was a relatively quiet affair this year in USA. There were many wow moments in this year’s event when compared with last one. Several stunning trucks and cars made debuts at the opening day of Detroit Auto Show.

3 Most Alarming Signs of Water Pump Failure

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Water pump is the heart of car’s cooling system. It is responsible for circulating the coolant between engine and radiator so the engine does not overheat. Water pump has a metal or plastic impeller inside it, mounted on a shaft. This impeller consists of blades that push water through the part. Whether you are in need of blades or water pump, online auto parts superstore has the availability of all car parts.

Get Ready for the Most Exciting Event of Auto Industry: Denver Auto Show

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Denver Auto Show is the premier showcase of local and foreign vehicles, vans, cars, hybrids, crossovers, sport utilities and light trucks. There will be cars that suit the budget and life style of every visitor. Organizers have selected Colorado Convention Center for 2016 event. It will start on 16 March and run through 20 March 2016. Show timings are:

5 Simple Techniques to Protect your Vehicle during Sun Light

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We all are very well aware that sun exposure can harm our skin, but did you know that sunrays could also damage your vehicle? The sun, dirt or bird droppings can dramatically reduce the life of your vehicle’s finish, leaving it scratched and faded. In order to keep car looking brilliant during summer and protecting it from elements, you need to do some effort.

4 Major Benefits of Wheel Alignment

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You probably have not taken your vehicle for wheel alignment in a while, have you? We know that many drivers know that they must get a wheel alignment from time to time, but they really do not understand why. The truth of the matter is, wheel alignment has lot more t do than just keeping your tires in good shape.

Top 4 Alarming Signs of Engine Malfunctioning

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All car enthusiasts are always well aware of how their vehicle feels and sounds on a normal day. You drive it all the time and whenever it starts acting differently even a little bit, you know something is wrong and needs to be fixed right away. The problem is, knowing something is wrong and knowing what auto parts are to be blamed are two different things.

How to Identify and Replace Blown Fuse?

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If you suddenly find yourself without a proper light in your vehicle, your car cannot play your favorite CD anymore, or your indicator lights stop working while driving, the problem is likely a small one. It is most probably a blown fuse.

How to make Fog lights Crystal Clear?

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Many automobiles come with polycarbonate or plastic headlights rather than traditional and long-lasting glass sealed-beam units. With the passage of time, these materials become oxidized making all headlights yellow and foggy. When this combines with the dirt and debris, a great amount of visibility is reduced, which results in major problems especially driving at night.

How to Easily Fix a Car Door Latch?

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It is very important that all components of automobiles are in good working order for security and safety of all passengers. When any car part stops working, fixing it as soon as possible should be your top-most priority especially when it is a broken car door latch.

Ford Focus RS: Best Upcoming Car in Ford’s Lineup For 2016

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Last time when Ford launched its Focus model, it was not sold in USA and car enthusiasts were not happy because of this. Not only did America miss out the better model of Ford in comparison to the one sold in Europe but they also did not receive a proper high-performance version. Although Ford invested much in auto engine but it ruined.