2016 BMW i3 Shadow Sport Limited can Overwhelm LA Auto Show

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW has travelled to 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show to introduce its all-new electric i3 known as Shadow Sport. This 2016 model can now be obtained with an electrically powered sunroof. Presented as a limited-edition model, BMW i3 gets small number of tweaks in cabin, murdered-out look outside and a sport-tuned suspension.

Sunroof option was not available in US-market i3 models until now. But for 2016, BMW has given its North American customers a chance to take home a Shadow Sport Edition with standard power-tilting sunroof. Limited to just 50 units, this 48,395 sticker is now available with two separate panels with individual shades for its customers.

Unfortunately, for readers these 50 models have already been sold. Out of 50, first 40 models of this limited edition Shadow Sport were sold in first hour of its availability. This new electric i3 will be presented at LA Auto Show this week with another most awaited model, Fiat 124 Spider.

Unique feature of 2016 electric hatchback is new Fluid Black paint with blue highlights and dark grey cloth seats. This color has never been used in any BMW’s models. It gives i3s a look of attitude. This new paint will be a part of new upper-level trim line known as Deka World. Howbeit, it is still not announced by BMW whether this new trim would be offered in non-special-edition i3 models. A new set of 19-inch alloy turbine wheels is also another addition in 2016 model.

2016 BMW i3 Fluid Black

According to BMW, all-electric i3 models will accelerate to 60mph in 7.0 seconds with a top-speed of 93 mph. Base price of 2016 BMW i3 starts at $43,395 for battery version with an EPA of 81 mileage. For gas-powered Range Extender model, price is $47,245.

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