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How to Replace Flat Tire with Spare One?

Flat Tyre Replacement

Flat tire is the worst thing than can stop your vehicle at any place. If the place is out of the city and no professional can be hired than the situation becomes more dangerous. You should always remain prepare for such situations so you could never be stuck helpless. Here are the tools that you should always have in your vehicle especially when you plan to visit a place outside the city.

Leaked Document Depicts Apple’s Auto Driven Car Will Be on Roads Soon

Apple Car

Apple officials are much serious to bring their first auto driven car on roads as soon as possible. It is predicted by an investigative news report of The Guardian. According to the report, top ranked officials of Apple met administrators of California and they discussed about the documentation of their upcoming car for more than an hour. This meeting is of worth importance and it strength the previous news that Apple is going to launch an auto driven auto that can compete the Google car.

Jaguar’s Most Awaited Car “Jaguar F Pace” Will Be on Road In 2016

Jaguar F Pace

Market of Jaguar is currently on decline as its competitors are selling more number of cars then the Jaguar’s products. The reason behind this scene is the features and price of its competitors. Even Land Rover is beating Jaguar due to its top quality cars at economical prices. Jaguar is well aware of the situation and company is only waiting for the right time to launch its most awaited car, which they named as “Jaguar F Pace”

SEMA Car Show Is Scheduled On 3-6 November 2015


SEMA show is going to be on from 3 November 2015 at Los Vegas convention center. It is a trade only event and buyers from the whole world in significant number are expected to attend this show. Preparations for the car show are at its peak and management is arranging the place amazingly to make it a mega event.

5 Amazing Home Based Tips to Shine Your Exterior Car Parts

Cleaning exterior car parts is an art. Most of the people believe on the service stations for the perfect car wash and they assume it as the last option to shine their vehicle. Such perception is totally wrong and we can tell you simple methods by which you can shine your car just like new one. Amazingly you have to use only common things to implement these methods. Such wonderful tricks are given below which seems stupid but they give 100% results. All of the tips given below are proven by thousands of car owners.

Steps To Replace A Car Battery By Yourself

Battery is the power house of any vehicle and it fulfills all the electricity needs of the car. Charging of the car battery is disturbed with the passage of time and you need to replace the battery with new one to use all the electrical equipment of your car smoothly. Mechanics highly charge for the replacement of your vehicle’s battery although it’s very simple. But the question arises that how to replace car battery yourself? Don’t worry we are here to help you. We are going to tell you the step by step process by which you can easily do the car battery replacement by yourself.

Steps To Identify, Locate, Replace, Remove And Install Car Struts

Car Struts are one of the most important components of car suspension system. They are essential to keep vehicle’s wheels in contact with the road and ensure stability during cornering and braking. Strut works together with springs which control its movements so that car doesn’t swing especially during rough drive.