2015 Mitsubishi Outlander, a Family Automobile

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi has set benchmarks for rest of the industry in manufacturing mid size crossover SUVs. Launched for the first time back in 2001 in Japanese market, Mitsubishi Motors have come a long way in development of vehicles. Improved quality, better performance, high quality interior and crash avoidance options are some of the notable features of Mitsubishi Outlander 2015.

For good or bad, Mitsubishi is sold in market in large proportions. Last year’s model of Outlander was fixed up so that 2015’s model can be smoother, more sophisticated and fuel efficient in its lineup.

Impressive and Quiet Cabin

Outlander 2015 has an attractive interior. It was redesigned a year ago and now it is in more updated form with the use of good quality materials. This midsize crossover SUV is a family automobile with seating capacity of five or seven folks. All rows provide enough legroom to accommodate passengers. These rows can slide and recline to provide greater comfort. It comes with three rows of seating in this year also. Third seat is designed to accommodate only kids but overall it is seen as value added feature in its segment. To make the cabin more impressive, Mitsubishi has added new three spoke design steering wheel in Outlander.

This SUV’s cabin is one of the quietest one in its crossover class thanks to the 31 improvements in cabin. It includes better door sealing, damper tuning, modified tires and intake system for petrol engines, more sound insulation and an upgraded windshield and door glass. Mitsubishi has also improved Outlander’s handling and made it much tidier than its predecessors make but still it lags behind than some of its rivals including Mazda CX5 and Ford Escape.

Substantial work has been done to stiffen several components of the structure. To firm up previous model’s soft and bouncy suspension, Mitsubishi has retuned Outlander’s suspension components. Although brake pedal and steering wheel can be made much better but when it comes to quelling cabin noise, Mitsubishi engineers has done an excellent work.

Noteworthy Features in SE and GT Models

Three trim levels are offered in 2015 model: the base SE, flagship GT and midlevel SE. All these are eligible for different options offered by Mitsubishi Outlander 2015. SE and GT trim comes with premium option package. It comprises of power sunroof, an audio system with 9 outclass speakers and power lift-gate. User-friendly navigation system with GPS and large 7 inch touch screen is also available in these trims. Leather trimmed upholstery comes standard in SE and GT models.

Touring package is also a part of these trims and has all the features of Premium package. Additional features in this model are voice-operated navigation system, rain-sensing wipers and a larger 7-inch touch-screen display. Adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts car’s speed to keep a safe distance from automobiles ahead is also a part of this package.

High-Tech Safety Features in 2015 Outlander

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Is equipped with all essential safety measures needed to keep passengers safe. Each Outlander of 2015 includes traction and stability control system. 4 wheel antilock brakes have also been fitted in outlander. Moreover 3 row head airbags, driver’s side knee airbag and side framed airbags are also available. Remote antitheft alarm come standard in all Outlander models launched for this year.

Apart from the standard features there are several others which come as option with same purpose of keeping passengers safe from any accident. Forward collision mitigation system and lane departure warning are optional electronic safety features. The latter system is designed to notify the driver whenever vehicles crosses the lane or moves into another.

Impressive Collision Mitigation System

Collision mitigation system, an amazing feature is offered as an option in 2015 Outlander. It is capable of sensing upcoming collision and alerts driver about near accident. In case the driver fails to take right action, this system is designed to apply brakes itself followed by full panic braking, ultimately stopping the vehicle.

Standard V6 Engine

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander comes with choice between a V6 capable of producing 224 horsepower and 224 lb-ft of torque and a base 2.4 liter 4 cylinder which generates 166 horsepower and 162 pound-ft of torque.  When this SUV was tested, it was observed that outlander’s V6 is not much powerful as it should have been to match the class of car. Not much of difference was noted in acceleration between the 2 power-plants. Left with no other option, Outlander’s 4 cylinder engine turns to be a superior choice.  It comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) whereas 6-speed automatic transmission is available with V6 engine.

V6 seems to be the only good fit for those passengers who regularly tow more than 1500 ponds. Steering wheel of Mitsubishi outlander 2015 is nicely weighted. According to many car journalists, V6 engine on this Japanese crossover has remarkable torque and power but only on paper. In real-world driving, its acceleration to highway speed is inadequate.

Plain yet Stylish Exterior

Mitsubishi has puts their effort this time on Outlander’s comfort and efficiency. For 2015, it has anonymous appearance to some extent as Mitsubishi bids farewell to bold designs with its shark-nose front end and performance characters that we were seeing in Outlander for last few decades. Although 2015 model is not as exciting as previous models were but it is still considered good in its class. Front grille of Outlander has been updated for current year.

Several reinforcements have been applied to Outlander’s body. For improved ride and handling, Mitsubishi has once again added MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension in 2015’s model. Chrome garnish has also been added to lower portions of doors to help them look beautiful. 18-inch alloy wheels are also a part of Outlander for same purpose. Headlights are tidy and sleek in this model but front fascia is not big and elegant like previous models.

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