2 Most Expensive Car Repairs

Avoid Most Expensive Car Repairs

Internet has taken over the world in past few years. You will get an immediate and accurate solution of every issue here. Car problems are no exception. There are several fixes for a single automobile issue. Buying a car comes with inherited risks of fixing, serving, and repairing.

If you want to keep your ride in good shape, use proper tools and safety measures. Drivers must protect vehicles with safety glasses, dust masks, and latex gloves. Sometimes damage is so serious that if delayed, consequences will be severe.

If you have never tried fixing a car before or are completely unaware of its procedures, do not try to fix this. Experts suggest that you should consult a professional auto mechanic so that damage is dealt the right way. An automobile comprises of several parts and components and some of them are sensitive and delicate. If these parts get damaged, repairing cost is very high. Following article covers top two expensive car repairs.

  • Transmission

Whenever a car is found at an unbelievably low price, owner’s first instinct is that transmission has gone on it. It is that part of car that transmits power from engine to wheels of car. Usually its life span is longer but with the passage of time, it starts to wear out. This happens primarily because of changes in gear and the immense stress placed on it.

It will also happen if car owners start to neglect getting regular transmission fluid and oil changes. As transmission is hard to work on, local garages do not provide this service. This leaves you only with the option of visiting specialty auto shops. The process of repairing transmission is time consuming and labor intensive. Therefore professional auto mechanics charge from $1,000 to $4,000.

  • Engine

Among all kinds of auto repairs and fixes, most commonly found problems are related vehicle’s engine. If a car has suffered a lot of damage in past and is being repaired on weekly basis, it means that engine has blown out severely. There are several reasons of blown engine. It ranges from damaged valve to leaking oil to broken rod to dozens of others. Replacement of engine is a big thing and its cost varies from car to car. There are different kinds of engine but approximately, it will cost between $1,000 and $4,000. For immediate replacements of engine parts, visit online auto parts superstore. It has best quality products with lifelong guarantee.

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