2 Easy Steps to Fix Radiator Coolant Leak

Fix Radiator Coolant Leak

One of the main causes of engine failure is radiator leak. Your car’s engine starts producing extreme amount of heat whenever you start your vehicle.

Cooling system pumps antifreeze coolant via your engine to draw heat away from it. This is the reason why you should keep your radiator leak free, as it is the key of having healthy automobile. Following are these two steps of fixing radiator coolant leak:

Tools and Materials Needed For This Process:

  • Ground black pepper
  • Wrap Seal or Duct Tape
  • Razor blade
  • Radiator sealant

All tools and products which you are going to need in this fixing process are available at online auto parts superstore at the most affordable rate.

  1. Locate Leaks

Locating radiator coolant leak should be your first step in this process. To do so, you need to place clean, flattened cardboard under the front of your car when it is parked for night. Ensure your automobile is on level surface.

In case there is leak in your radiator coolant then there will be drips from cooling system on cardboard in morning. This will lead you the approximate area of leak.

Now open the hood and look around the areas corresponding to the drip regions on the cardboard. In case there is leak on radiator then you will find evidence of dried radiator coolant. Run your fingers around the hoses where attach your vehicle’s engine and radiator. If there is leak at hose clamp then you will feel moisture on your fingers.

  1. Fix Radiator Coolant Leak

Once you have located leak on your radiator coolant, check to see whether it has plastic side tanks or not. Tapping or lightly scratching on either side of side tanks will show you whether the tank is plastic or metal.

Now open radiator cap and pour in radiator sealant as per your manufacturer’s manual. Although you will find sealant easily at online auto parts superstore but in case we do not have the availability of it at that time then you can purchase ground pepper black for this purpose which is also supplied by us.

Ground pepper also works fine as sealant for small leaks. In case your side tank is of plastic then this fixing process will only be temporary. Start looking for replacement radiator as the price to refurbish it is generally not cost effective.

Leaks can be fixed on temporary and permanent basis depending on its type. Howbeit, most modern radiators are plastic and metal combinations and they are usually not cheap to repair.

Changing radiator is also a very simple process. You can do it easily with few simple steps. You just have to make sure that whenever you replace this part of your vehicle then also change hoses, coolant and radiator cap.

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  1. I like what this article says to do to help patch up a radiator leak. I think that if I ever overheat due to a leak, this could be good to do until I get a proper fix. I wouldn’t want to compromise the safety of my car by leaving a patched radiator hose on it. Thanks for the post!

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